With tremendous enthusiasm, Warrenstreet Architects has been providing Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design Services for more than 23 years.  We pride ourselves on a collaborative team approach; working hand in hand with the client and building users, to arrive at appropriate consensus based solutions.  Our Employee-Owned Cooperative business structure, many years of experience, combined with a youthful, imaginative and personable approach to the design process has made Warrenstreet one of New England’s most progressive design firms.   


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A Cooperative by definition is “persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled business.  In the tradition of the founding cooperative models our members believe our business should be based on the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.  Each member owns one share and is a true partner to the challenges and successes of being a personal service firm.  We believe this business model best represents the underlying culture of Warrenstreet and the commitment we have to seeing each other and the firm succeed, which again is inherently based on the success of our clients and their projects. 

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Warrenstreet Architects began in 1990 as Sherman Greiner Halle Ltd.  The firm was founded by three professionals who shared a common goal to better shape the built environment.  From 1990 to 2000 the firm grew to a staff of ten.  In 2004, to better represent the growth and diversity of the staff as a whole, the firm's name was changed to Warrenstreet Architects, Inc.  In early 2008, after much reflection of our core values and the culture of the firm, we decided as a group to convert to an Employee-Owned Cooperative, creating what we believe to be the first professional design service cooperative in the country.  Our staff is engaged and excited about the possibilities!



We are excited about our work, in fact we love it.  When you figure you spend the majority of your life working, you better love what you do.  Our office culture is laid back, approachable and casual but always professional.  Nicky the office pooch is a great judge of character and has a wonderful disposition, so we have followed her lead.  She hates wearing a tie, she shuns a dress code, she also hates fixed office hours or the boss looking over your shoulder.  Freedom of expression inspires good ideas, and we are continually look for those great ideas found by thinking outside the box.  We believe connecting and empowering people is just the beginning of a great idea.  Our mission is to be sustainable, we strive for simplicity, and we believe meaningful architecture is within everyone's reach.



Warrenstreet exists to engage with the community; to elevate an understanding of the effects we have on the built environment; and to be a catalyst for a lighter more responsible touch on the world.  We help create and realize innovative and sustainable solutions and hope to inpsire a better quality of life for us all.  View AIA Document "Working with an Architect"


Our process is comprehensive which begins with a personal understanding of your needs, wants and desires articulated in a goal statement.  We believe together we can arrive at a process that you will come to understand as distinctly your own by the following;personal exploration of potential opportunities and constraints; an understanding of the interrelationships of the proposed use; a sensitivity to the surrounding context; understanding of the local architectural vernacular and a true understanding of the financial picture; all with a commitment to stand by you thru design, permitting, construction and beyond.  First strive to understand, then to be understood.



Planning and Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architectural and Interior Design, Graphic Design and Wayfinding. We regularly facilitate and coordinate: Surveying, Environmental and Wetland Scientists, Hazardous/ Abatement Specialists, Historic Preservationists, Civil Engineering Structural Engineering, Mechanical/HVAC and Plumbing Engineering, Electrical and Lighting Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, and Building Commissioning.



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