We Work Together

Our philosophy of design is one deeply rooted in the understanding of real need.  Not a Christmas list of all encompassing desires.  These are important, but a true understanding of a baseline goal will focus us on necessity and obligation, allowing us to first be responsible and then creative.


To gain an understanding of the goals will require careful examination and agreement of three core design principles: Quantity, Quality and Budget.  The key to the success of our process is a clear understanding of this issue, in that you can focus your efforts on two but must compromise on the third.  For example, if the size and dollars for the project are fixed, the solution lies in exploring the quality of the building’s design, the level of detail and choice of materials. 


Whether in the home or the office, the design should reflect the user.  It should be an inviting and relaxed place for living, learning and spiritual growth.  Be it a Hospital or Medical Practice, Municipal Building or Library, a successful design should convey a sense of place.  We strive in our design process to reflect the goals and values of the user.  Our hopes are to create environments that are safe and that are visually stimulating by optimizing the natural surroundings, natural light and ventilation, and the proper choice of building materials.  Large or small, Warrenstreet will provide design options that evaluate the existing urban or rural fabric and enhance the amenity in conjunction with its surroundings.

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