Buildings have a tremendous impact on the environment, both through the use of construction materials and system operations.  Warrenstreet and their Consultants are member of the U.S. Green Building Council and each have Staff that have become LEED-certified.  Utilizing "Green Building" design principles, Warrenstreet is able to help reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and protect the health of the building's occupants.  In the past several years, Warrenstreet has had the opportunity to address and manage the inclusion of many green building principles into many individual project designs.  Our design processes have achieved LEED certification (Gold, Silver, and Certification).  We know what is involved and our Team will bring the care and consideration needed to the next project.


Southcove Recreation Center (Leed Gold and NH-USGBC 2011 Project of the Year)

Menino Place (Leed Gold)

Friedman Court II (Leed Silver)

Grappone Conference Center (Leed Certification Pending)


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